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Rock Hearts - Unfinished Bridges - Release

First single off the new record!

Nashville, TN (March 22, 2024) (615) Hideaway Records is pleased to announce new music and the first single “Unfinished Bridges” from Rock Hearts upcoming album Unfinished Bridges coming in 2024.  

Written by Mark “Brink” Brinkman and Eric Gnezda, “Unfinished Bridges” is a familiar theme to country and bluegrass music…Love that has fizzled, leaving its stakeholders in the uncharted territory of coming to grips with the fact that the iron bridge that connects the two may not be built to last.

Billy Thibodeau became friendly with Mark “Brink” Brinkman through his involvement with IBMA Leadership and the NAMM shows.  Everyone in the band was familiar with Brink’s extraordinary catalog of songs and his six-time IBMA Songwriter of the Year nominations. Through conversation, Brink learned that Rock Hearts were recording and offered a couple song ideas. 

Rock Hearts’ Alex MacLeod describes the recording of “Unfinished Bridges”, “Brink and Gnezda’s original delivery were an elemental version, leaving a lot of room for artistic interpretation and license.  Rock Hearts was challenged with delivering the song as it was written, but at the same time, rendering it true to the Rock Hearts “style.”  The story tells itself nicely with plenty of metaphors and imagery, but the band felt it could use some pep.  

When the listener hears the first three fiddle strokes, they’re led to believe it’s going to be a mid-tempo song.  But then the band rips into a double-time, while the lyrics are still rendered at a slower pace.  The arrangement works beautifully, complimenting the imagery and story line.

Rock Hearts were honored to have recorded a Mark “Brink” Brinkman & Eric Gnezda song and be included in the long and humbling list of successful bands who have covered their music.  Feedback from Brink is, ‘We love the cut and hope it will be a big hit for y’all!!’  That’s high praise from such a revered songwriter.”

Produced by Scott Vestal and Rock Hearts and engineer by Scott Vestal, at his Digital Underground Studio, in Greenbriar, Tennessee “Unfinished Bridges” contains performances by Alex MacLeod (Lead Vocals and Guitar), Joe Deetz (Banjo), Billy Thibodeau (Tenor Vocals and Mandolin), Rick Brodsky (Bass) and Austin Scelzo (Fiddle, Baritone Vocals).  

“Unfinished Bridges” is available for download to D.J.’s and program directors in our Radio Only Group.

“Unfinished Bridges” will be available commercially on March 22nd wherever digital downloads and streaming are available including iTunes and Amazon and streaming Spotify and Pandora.

Rock Hearts are performing throughout the United States on their Unfinished Bridges Tour - 2024.



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