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The Crowe Brothers "The Only Thing Missing Is You"


Nashville, TN (January 11, 2022) 615 Hideaway Records is pleased to announce the new single from bluegrass veteran duo the Crowe Brothers; “The Only Thing Missing Is You”.

Written by Delnora Lynn Reed and Dale Alan Pyatt, “The Only Thing Missing Is You” teaches us that riches and material things will not make us happy in life, for what should be found is a special someone to love. The Crowe Brothers once again deliver a strong high-lonesome Bluegrass sound that combines their very recognizable brother harmonies as they explain what is important in life…and a couple’s love is key.

The new single is produced by Josh & Wayne Crowe & Steve Thomas and include performances by Josh Crowe (vocal lead and tenor, guitar), Wayne Crowe (vocal lead and bass), Brian Blaylock (banjo), Ashby Frank (mandolin), Steve Thomas (fiddle)

Click below to watch the Crowe Brothers talk about their new single:

“The Only Thing Missing Is You” is available for download to D.J.’s and program directors on AirPlay Direct.

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The Crowe Brothers "The Only Thing Missing Is You"

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