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Tommy Webb "Amber"


Nashville, TN (April 22, 2022) - 615 Hideaway Records is proud to announce the release of Tommy Webb’s new single “Amber”. Tommy Webb is from Langley, Kentucky located in Floyd County, near the well-known Highway Route 23 that so many award-winning Country and Bluegrass music artists have originated. Tommy’s voice has a genuine Big Country & Rootsy Bluegrass quality and has a refreshing “salt of the earth” sound. This along with his strong and passionate songwriting talents is what makes Webb unique and a stand out in bluegrass music…Simply put, he sounds like Tommy Webb !

“Amber” written by Josh Atkins is the first single from Tommy Webb’s upcoming album titled Catching Up schedule for a summer release on 615 Hideaway Records.

“Amber” is a sad tragic love song that tears at a heartbroken soul who’s love could not be gotten and waiting on that someone’s love in return that will never be shared.

Produced by Ronnie Stewart and Buddy Young, “Amber” includes performances by Tommy Webb (Guitar, Lead Vocals), Chris Goble (Banjo, Harmony Vocals), Ron Stewart (Banjo, Mandolin, Fiddle) and Harold Nixon (Upright)

Co-Produced by Ron Stewart, (who is also known for his numerous IBMA nominations and awards and band membership with J.D. Crowe & The New South, Dan Tyminski, Boxcars and Seldom Scene), has once again found the right vehicle for Tommy’s songwriting, song selection and vocals to shine and take his music to the next level.

"Tommy Webb is one of those rare "Down to Earth, No Sugar Coating" talents that comes along once in a grand while that grabs you and makes you listen…– Ron Stewart, Producer / Musician

“Amber” is available for download to D.J.’s and program directors on AirPlay Direct.

Tommy Webb’s upcoming album Catching Up is his 5th album over an 18-year span that has produced many hits and popular songs including “A Hard Row To Hoe”, “If It Weren’t For Bluegrass Music”, “Teardrop Inn”, “Now That You Are Gone” and many more.

For more information on Tommy Webb visit the Tommy Webb Channel


Tommy Webb is from Langley, Kentucky. Located in Floyd County, near the well-known Highway Rt. 23 that so many award-winning country and bluegrass music artists have originated. This is the area he calls home. Tommy started singing and playing guitar when he was 15 years old in jam sessions with some friends up the hollow where he lives.

Out of high school he started playing with a group called The Pine Top Ramblers, later performing with South Creek, and then played for several years with another group called Onlyne. He also performed with Clyde Bowling and the Southern Bluegrass Boys before starting The Tommy Webb Band in 2005.

Tommy sings lead, tenor, and guitar is his main instrument, but for an eager crowd he will always pull out the old-time claw hammer banjo to give the audience their money’s worth. Tommy’s songwriting has been represented on several of on his album projects. Songs that Tommy wrote on his albums include “Eastern Kentucky”, “Now That You Are Gone”, “Heartland”, and “From Rock-and-Roll To Bill Monroe”. Tommy sings every Sunday in the local church, and he loves fishing, hunting, and playing basketball with his son Justin.

Tommy Webb "Amber"

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