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Bronwyn Keith-Hynes "Trip Around The Sun" feat Dierks Bentley

Bronwyn Keith-Hynes "Trip Around The Sun" feat Dierks Bentley is the third single from Bronwyn Keith-Hynes' forthcoming album & features the harmony vocals of Dierks Bentley. Please subscribe and enable notifications for more like this & STREAM the song on your favorite platform:

Track Name: Trip Around the Sun

Artist: Bronwyn Keith-Hynes

Written by: Al Anderson BMI, Stephen Turner Bruton BMI, Sharon Vaughn ASCAP

Copyright Name: 2024 Bronwyn Keith-Hynes

Label: Sugar Petunia Records

Bronwyn Keith-Hynes lead vocal & fiddle

Dierks Bentley harmony vocal

Jerry Douglas dobro

Bryan Sutton guitar

Dominick Leslie mandolin

Wesley Corbett banjo

Jeff Picker bass

Co-produced by Brent Truitt and Bronwyn Keith-Hynes

Recorded by Brent Truitt

The Cave, Nashville, TN

Mastered by Alex McCollough

True East Mastering, Nashville, TN

Video Credits: Shot at The Cave in Nashville, TN; produced by Steve Voss of Solar Cabin.



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