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Sammy Passamano III

I'm Sammy Passamano III, the founder of The 615 Hideaway Entertainment.

Sam Passamano Sr. with Sam Passamano Jr. and Sammy Passamano III

Raised in a family deeply ingrained in the music industry, my journey began with the footsteps of my father, Sam Passamano Jr., and my grandfather, Sam Passamano Sr., who both left their mark at MCA Records. With a legacy deeply rooted in music, I've spent over two decades in the industry, starting in 2004 with my apprenticeship at Rural Rhythm Records under the mentorship of my father, Sam Passamano Jr. Under their guidance and inspiration, I honed my skills and passion for music, eventually venturing into my own entrepreneurial endeavors.

Rural Rhythm Records Logo

As the label expanded, so did my role. In 2005, I spearheaded the establishment of our radio promotion arm. With determination and passion, I diligently built one of the industry's top bluegrass radio promotion machines. Year after year, our efforts bore fruit, with multiple number one singles gracing the airwaves.

Rural Rhythm Records number 1s

Throughout my journey in the bluegrass industry, I've been privileged to be a part of transformative moments. One such moment occurred when Rural Rhythm Records became the first label to host a World Premiere, featuring Russell Moore & IIIrd Tyme Out, with Kyle Cantrell, in an exclusive release in 2009. This groundbreaking initiative, driven by my vision, preceded the rise of SiriusXM Bluegrass Junction as the influential platform it is today. I remember the conversations about it's going to piss off some of the DJs, and it did. 

Russell Moore & IIIrd Tyme Out  with Kyle Cantrell XM

Another pivotal moment came when I, along with Joey Black from SiriusXM Bluegrass Junction and others, helped shift the bluegrass industry towards working with radio singles. This change was instrumental in standardizing the release of music to radio stations, moving away from the previous practice of sending full CDs and allowing stations to choose tracks arbitrarily. Though met with initial resistance, this shift ultimately added credibility to the charts and provided artists and labels with a more structured approach to promoting their music.

Additionally, in 2010 Alongside CEO Robert Weingartz, I facilitated the first IBMA DJs workshop, introducing bluegrass DJs to the innovative platform. This marked a significant milestone as AirPlay Direct quickly became the go-to resource for bluegrass radio stations and DJs, revolutionizing how new music was discovered and shared. AirPlay Direct Press Release

Sam Moore & Nu-Blu Music Video Shoot

After witnessing the industry's transition to video content, I pivoted to video production, specializing in capturing the essence of music through visually compelling music videos. Some of the notable music videos I've directed include.


  • Marty Raybon - "I've Seen What He Can Do"

  • Russell Moore & IIIrd Tyme Out - "Pretty Little Girl From Galax"

  • Life Goes On - "Musicians Against Childhood Cancer"

  • Nu-Blu with Sam Moore - "Jesus and Jones"

  • Marty Raybon - "God Didn't Choose Sides"

  • The Roys - "Gypsy Runaway Train"

These music videos not only showcase the talent of the artists but also capture the emotion and narrative behind each song, further enhancing the listener's experience.


As I observed the shift towards live streaming videos, I began slowly building my video studio from just webcams and free software to adding more cameras. Over time, we started attracting more artists from Nashville to come in and perform live. After a pivotal meeting with Heather Huston, Former VP of Marketing & Communications at RFD-TV, my vision came to life. We began going live on the RFD-TV Facebook page every Monday.

Hats Off To The 80s & 90s – The Music Continues telly Award winning show

The vision for The 615 Hideaway Entertainment was to allow myself to grow and move into different areas in music entertainment. We've been awarded a Telly Award in the Social Media Live Event category for our Hats Off To The ’80s & ’90s – The Music Continues live stream in 2020, featuring artists such as T. Graham Brown, Wade Hayes, Bryan White, Tim Rushlow, Ronnie McDowell, David Frizzell, Tim Atwood, and Lulu Roman. This classic country show was just one example of our versatility; we've also hosted rock and blues artists, showcasing the diversity of our programming.

The 615 Hideaway Records small logo

When my father announced his retirement from Rural Rhythm Records, where my mother had also worked, it marked the end of an era for our family. Rural Rhythm Records was a family label, and everyone in our family had worked for it at some point. Despite initially planning to focus on building my video studio and monetizing content, Audie Blaylock's invitation to release his new album changed everything. With the birth of 615 Hideaway Records, my plans shifted, and I found myself needing to build a promotional platform to support the music.

Bluegrass Music TV Logo

In the bluegrass industry, platforms with significant reach are scarce. Recognizing this gap, I partnered with my friend and colleague Ronnie Reno to establish Bluegrass Music TV. Leveraging the strong bluegrass fanbase on Facebook, we seized the opportunity to promote our music. Serendipitously, I crossed paths with Terry Brewer from The Bluegrass Jamboree who was already deeply entrenched in building Facebook pages and groups. Together, we established multiple Facebook pages and groups dedicated to promoting bluegrass music, providing a vital platform for artists and labels alike.

615 Hideaway Logo

As of 2024, our main focus is in the bluegrass genre under the brand name the Bluegrass Hideaway. The Nashville Hideaway brand stems from all the live shows we did with RFD-TV Live. Additionally, we have the Country Hideaway brand dedicated to classic country music videos, and Mix-Drink Hideaway, which features blues, rock, and anything we can't quite label.


Looking ahead, I see the next shift coming in the progressive bluegrass genre, and we will keep our eyes out for the next shifts in the music industry. 

Sammy Passamano III

Operating as a one-man show, I've taken on multiple roles within The 615 Hideaway Entertainment, from content creation to promotion and everything in between. With passion and dedication, I've single-handedly built our video studio, curated content across multiple genres, and forged partnerships with industry professionals.


While the journey has been challenging, I've been fortunate to collaborate with talented individuals who have supported and contributed to our success. Individuals like Joey Black from SiriusXM Bluegrass Junction, late and great Audie Blaylock, Heather Huston from RFD-TV, and Terry Brewer from The Bluegrass Jamboree have played pivotal roles in shaping our endeavors.


Additionally, the support and talent of artists like David Parmley, Jeff Parker, and Ronnie Reno have been instrumental in bringing our vision to life. Their trust and collaboration have fueled our growth and success.


Together, as a tight-knit team, we've navigated the ever-evolving music industry landscape, adapting to new technologies and trends while staying true to our passion for music. Their contributions, alongside my relentless drive and determination, have propelled The 615 Hideaway Entertainment forward, making it a beacon of creativity and innovation in the music industry.

Sam Passamano Jr & Sammy Passamano III

Guided by the invaluable wisdom and mentorship of my father, Sam Passamano Jr., my journey in the music industry has been enriched at every step. His unwavering support and guidance continue to be a driving force behind my endeavors, as he remains an integral part of The 615 Hideaway's journey. From the inception of our live shows, my father has stood by my side, lending his expertise and passion to every production. Together, we uphold a legacy of excellence and innovation in music entertainment."

At The 615 Hideaway Entertainment, we're deeply grateful for the incredible support of our fans who fuel our passion for music every day. Your unwavering enthusiasm inspires us to push the boundaries of creativity and innovation. We invite you to join us on this exhilarating journey by interacting with our website, joining our groups, and sharing your love for music on your social media pages. Together, let's continue celebrating the transformative power of music!


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