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David Parmley - All Dressed Up

David Parmley - All Dressed Up says that he can see the humor in the story. I can just see this guy… he’s worked all week long. He comes home and gets all cleaned up, gets out his best duds, and his boots and his hat. He makes the phone call, she don’t answer. She ain’t returning his call. Now he’s all dressed up and he’s got nowhere to go. Poor fella… he was tore up thinking he was gonna have a big night, and it ain’t happening.”

All Dressed Up is a hot grasser, in keeping with the hot date our hero thought he would be having. David sings the lead supported by Vestal on banjo, Jim Hurst on guitar, Seth Taylor on mandolin, Tim Crouch on fiddle, Dave Roe on bass, Jeff Partin on reso-guitar, and Don Rigsby singing harmony.



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