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Nick Chandler and Delivered - Big Bill Johnson

The 615 Hideaway Records is proud to announce the debut single “Big Bill Johnson” by Nick Chandler And Delivered. Hailing from Western North Carolina Nick Chandler And Driven are a hard driving Traditional Bluegrass band. Their debut single release for 615 Hideaway Records written by Chandler titled “Big Bill Johnson” is a banjo drivin’ barn burner set in the Wild West about a bounty hunter on the trail tracking down his latest dangerous outlaw.

Produced by Nick Chandler “Big Bill Johnson” contains performances by Nick Chandler (lead vocals, mandolin); Spencer Hatcher (vocals, banjo); Gery Trivette (vocals, Bass) and Hudson Bosworth (guitar)

Contained in the lyrics of “Big Bill Johnson” is a reference to the Reno Brothers who historically have the dubious distinction of being the first to rob a train. Watch veteran Bluegrass & Country artist, award winning TV producer and the ambassador of Old Time Music Ronnie Reno talks about this colorful bunch from the past on the specially produced EKP by Sammy Passamano, III.



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