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Rhonda Vincent - Please Mr. Please

I was working on the song Four Strong Winds (our new project theme is "Destinations") and as I turned from working on that song, all of a sudden, out of nowhere, I started singing Please Mr Please. There was something similar in the songs. My heart started to race and I instantly thought, "This will be a great bluegrass song!" I couldn't wait to tell the guys in The Rage. When I mentioned it, none of them had heard the song before. This made it even better. I found so many people have never heard of the song. It's like having my own original bluegrass song. We rehearsed it at sound check, and then started performing it on our shows. You could instantly tell this song was special. People react to the song, many singing along, and best of all, people are asking for the song, saying they have to hear it again. I love that! So here it is. Ready for Radio! Please Mr Please was released by Olivia Newton John in 1975. For those who are not familiar with Olivia Newton John, she was the actress in the movie with John Travolta titled "Grease".

As for the video, I asked the videographer to capture the pure essence of bluegrass: the family atmosphere, kids playing bluegrass, adults playing bluegrass, banjos ringing throughout, dancing, fun; these elements all wrapped into one video. Our video of Please Mr Please is what he captured. I hope it makes you smile!



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