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LakeSide "Just A Little Light"


Nashville, TN (January 6, 2023) 615 Hideaway Records is pleased to announce the new album Take Me To Calvary from acoustic Bluegrass Gospel group LakeSide. Hailing from Madisonville, Tennessee LakeSide has been sharing their faith with a special blend of Southern, Country and Bluegrass Gospel music over the past 15 years. Take Me To Calvary is their 5th studio album and showcases a mix of new gospel songs with traditional bluegrass gospel songs resulting in a truly entertaining album with great messages of faith and inspiration.

This hard-working veteran group is constantly touring the country sharing the good news with their unique blend of acoustic gospel music. Lakeside’s signature sound is centered around their powerful multi lead vocalists and their beautiful heavenly harmonies. LakeSide band members on this recording include; Greg Blankenship – Mandolin/Vocals, Jackie Cummings – Bass/Vocals, John Robert Freels – Banjo/Vocals, Walt Williamson – Guitar/Vocals, Jimmy Sims – Fiddle and Amanda Thomas – Fiddle.

What makes LakeSide so special is their ability to select songs that shine a light on their strong faith spreading joy and love to their listeners. Album highlights include “Just A Little Light” written by Tony Wood and Lyn Rowell and features special guest performance by IBMA Award winner Becky Buller; the title track “Take Me To Calvary” written by former band member Brad Frazier; “From The Third Day On” written by Bluegrass hitmaker Mark “Brink” Brinkman; two Bluegrass gospel classics “Get In Line Brother” and “Rank Stranger” with four-part quartet arrangements; a beautiful acappella song written by Jimmy Bilbrey “God Is Able”, “Lord I Hope This Day Is Good” a huge Country hit for Don Williams which demonstrates a simple prayer most of us whisper daily.

These songs will bless your heart and at the same time, make you think of your personal relationship with God.

Produced by Dave Maggard & LakeSide, Take Me To Calvary is the next chapter in the exciting rise for LakeSide and will surely be enjoyed by their many fans and certainly will add many new fans too.


1. Take Me To Calvary

2. Lord I Hope This Day Is Good

3. From The Third Day On

4. Get In Line Brother

5. God Is Able

6. I’ve Got The Joy

7. When He Laid Eyes On Me

8. Satan Loves To See A Brother Fall

9. Rank Stranger

10. The Longer I Kneel

11. Just A Little Light

“Take Me To Calvary” is available for download to D.J.’s and program directors on AirPlay Direct.

For more information visit the The 615 Hideaway Records site.

About LakeSide:

LakeSide is an acoustic gospel group located in Madisonville, Tennessee. We desire to spread the good news of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ. Our music is a blend of Southern, Country, and Bluegrass Gospel styles. We compose our music in a manner that will touch the generations from young children through senior adults. We have two fiddle players, Jimmy Sims and Amanda Thomas, that alternate traveling with us. We typically run five-piece instrumentation (fiddle, mandolin, banjo, guitar and bass guitar) and compliment that with smooth harmonies to present the good news of Jesus Christ!

LakeSide started playing in churches throughout East Tennessee in 1995 as a family group called "The Gospel Bluegrass Boys." In 2007, due to some lineup changes, the group adopted the name "LakeSide." This is a group of individuals committed to their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. They desire to share their personal testimonies and songs with all who will listen. They love to tell others what the Lord has done for them and have a great time doing it!

LakeSide "Just A Little Light"

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