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The Crowe Brothers “Winter Wren’s Song” & “I Won’t Be A Willow”


Nashville, TN (June 9, 2021) (615) Hideaway Records is pleased to announce two new singles from bluegrass veteran duo the Crowe Brothers; “Winter Wren’s Song” and gospel song “I Won’t Be A Willow”. Keeping in the old school singles tradition, (615) Hideaway Records will be releasing two new songs as double “A” sided singles.

The first A sided single is written by Randy Yates titled “Winter Wren’s Song”. This secular song is a sad and tragic love song performed in a slow waltz style with the highly recognizable signature sound harmonies of the Crowe Brothers to capture the full bluegrass mountain traditional sound. The story is told of a love lost that cheated on him by a smooth-talking gambler in the big city and he can hear the winter wren’s song outside his window as sad and blue.

The uplifting gospel “I Won’t Be A Willow” is the second A sided single written by Steve Watts and Bill Castle. “I Won’t Be A Willow” showcases the Crowe Brothers fine talent we love for combining their beautiful blended harmonies with a powerful inspirational message that will bring a smile to your face. This is Traditional Bluegrass gospel at its best…and the message of faith is clear as heard in the song…I’ll be as a tall oak, not a willow in the wind.

Both singles are produced by Josh & Wayne Crowe & Steve Thomas and include performances by Josh Crowe (vocal lead and tenor, guitar), Wayne Crowe (vocal lead and bass), Brian Blaylock (banjo), Ashby Frank (mandolin), Steve Thomas (fiddle)

Both new singles as well as the album is available for download to D.J.’s and program directors on AirPlay Direct.

For more information about The Crowe Brothers go to

The Crowe Brothers “Winter Wren’s Song” & “I Won’t Be A Willow”

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