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Sierra Ferrell - The Sea

I wrote "The Sea" to express my love for the ocean and the mysteries it possesses (my name is “Sea-erra,” after all!). The song came to me while I was living out of my van in Port Townsend, WA. The beach quickly became one of my favorite places. I would walk there every day and look for items that had washed ashore. At the time, I was seeing a blue-eyed Pisces and there was someone else I was interested in who was a Cancer. Those are both water signs so that’s how they weaseled their way in there! I had an amazing time working with director Casey Pierce and producer Bella Mazzola on this video and hope you enjoy It!

Produced by: Bella Mazzola

Directed by: Casey Pierce

1st AD: Michael Mallicote

Production Assistant: James Gibson

Shot at Studio 8 Red King Productions

Listen to “The Sea”:



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